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Vision, mission and values

Ferndale High School is guided by its vision, mission and values.

These are the foundation for achieving its goals (strategic objectives).


To be recognised as a leading school of education in the province of Gauteng and South Africa and be an aspirational institution for learners and parents from all walks of society 


Equip learners to become productive functionaries in their family, communities and industry, contributing to the betterment of society and self by espousing the values that builds respect and integrity.

This we will achieve by:

Creating a warm and supportive atmosphere where every learner’s positive self-image is nurtured;

Providing quality education in the classroom, on the sports field and in the cultural domain;

Teach traits such as respect, integrity, honesty, responsibility, perseverance, care and kindness toward others, moral courage, assertiveness and a spirit of peaceful resolution of conflict;

Encourage respect, understanding and appreciation of cultures other than one’s own;

Promote a positive image of the school in the community;

Instill a sense of pride, diligence and excellence in academics, sport and cultural activities.


Our core values underpinning this mission are:

Integrity – Honesty, morality, standards and transparency when executing teaching and learning tasks

Dedication – Purposeful, enthusiastic and passionate embrace of and rising to the challenges of educating and being educated

Pride – Respect, confidence and satisfaction with yourself, those around you and the fruits of your labour

These core values are supported by

Recognising the need to develop the learner as a whole: physically, mentally and spiritually


Fostering integrity, morality an, dignity and respect

Encouraging tolerance for all religious, racial and cultural groups

Developing a warm, safe, caring and nurturing environment for all staff and learners

Creating opportunities for growth and development of staff and learners

Guiding learners to develop their full potential in academic, sport and cultural activities

Developing a desire for lifelong learning


Encouraging parents and the community to participate actively in every aspect of their child’s education.

Vision, mission and values: Service
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