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FHS comes from the era of model C schools, with its legacy of endowment of resources from the pre-democratic regime.

The current path embarked upon by FHS has sought to address some key aspects required to fundamentally turn around this school into a model for education by:

  1. Discipline – re-establish discipline as a cornerstone of a functioning school (both at Educator and Learner levels)

  2. Academic – restructure and strengthen the career paths offered and introducing a strong technical option (in addition to already offering technical subjects, Automotive and Electrical was added to this technical offering)

  3. Extra-mural activities – sport and culture is getting special attention to enable the building of a foundation for additional vocational options as these are other avenues in which learners can fulfil their dreams for the future

  4.  Infrastructure  – maintain and upgrade the abundant facilities which will provide an essential enabler for academics, sport and culture

  5. Human resources – attract and nurture a strong team of educators and other staff to ensure that education and support is delivered at the desired pace


These broad aspects will be articulated and underpinned in detail by the “Focus areas in education” as propagated by the GDE and encapsulated further under the school development plan - strategic objectives and goals contained in this document.

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