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FHS is a quintile 5 school situated in Randburg and has been in existence since 1987. The school has good infrastructure and is utilising this to the benefit of is current and and future learners. The staff compliment is around 50 of which 70% are educators and the remainder are maintenance and administrative staff. The school has enrollment of approximately 700 learners.


The school is situated in a suburban area adjoining the Randburg central business district and attracts learners who are residents in the surrounding areas as well as learners whose parents work in these same areas.


FHS is a Section 21 school its operational costs primarily funded by parents paying school fees (95%) and fund-raising activities (2.5%) and the Gauteng Department of Education (GDE) (2.5%). The GDE also funds approximately 80% of the staff compliment, the remaining staff members are funded from school fees.


With new management assuming responsibilities in 2014, there has been a firm grasp on discipline, learning and improvement of infrastructure. This has been and continues to be the narrow path of focus for the school, its management team and parent community.

Notwithstanding the negative opinions still held of Ferndale High due to historical events, the examples of recent and current excellence, progress and advancements abound and are the measures by which Ferndale High is distinguishing itself as an institution of choice.


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FHS Logo.png
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